Kong is a Megaprimatus Kong, a giant gorilla.

"Oh no. It wasn't the Aeroplanes. It was Beauty who killed the Beast."

--- Carl Denham.

History Edit

Vital statistics
Position Giant Gorilla
Actor Unknown
Age 100 years old
Status possibly alive
Physical attributes
Height 50 feet
Weight 5000 grams

Kong lived on Skull Island, worshipped as a God by natives. When movie-makers Carl Denham, Jack Driscoll, and others came to Skull Island, Kong fell in love with Ann Darrow, the leading actress. But she was scared of him. He took her to his cave, and saved her from various dinosaurs. But she was rescued by Jack Driscoll. Carl Denham captured Kong and took him back to New York, as a Public Attraction. But he escaped, killing several people. He captured Ann, and climbed to the top of the Empire State Building. He was shot by aeroplanes.