Tonchiki created a Kaiju version of Kong. Tonchiki was the Devil's Assistant.

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Go! Greenman Edit

Tonchiki is the loyal servant of Maoh and creates various monsters to retrieve blood for his master, as well as to generally cause mischief. First appearing in Episode 1, he reminds a seemingly amnesiac Maoh of who he is and his plans. He is usually quite cowardly, but did fight Greenman in episode 50 when forced to by Maoh. He was defeated, but ran away before he could be killed. When Maoh decided to fight Greenman directly, he summoned Tonchiki to take the children to the underworld after he turned them to stone. When Greenman went to the underworld, he only found the stones. After Greenman defeated Maoh and revived the children, Tonchiki reappeared. He then apologised to Greenman, before teleporting away.